Tired of the same old OD Green or Black firearm? We have a wide range of different colors available and the know how to make your firearm be as unique as you!

Laser Engraving

Want a truly unique look to your firearm or accessory? We offer laser engraving services and we are able to modify the look and feel of a wide range of firearm components.


If you need help assembling your AR, need installation of AR upgrades or other services, such as: sight and optic installation, grip install and removal and firearm part swap, then look no further. Contact us and let us know how we may help. We request that a MESS associate uncase all firearms.

NFA/Class 3 Purchases and Transfers

Looking to buy or transfer a Suppressor, Short Barrel Rifle or Fully Automatic Firearm? We have a wide variety of items to purchase and we can help with the trust and ATF forms.

Fingerprint and Passport photos

Along with our NFA/Class 3 transfer services, we offer digital fingerprinting and passport photos. Once your fingerprints and photos are in our secure system we can quickly reprint, no need to redo the photos and fingerprints.